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  1. Really Trendy Concrete Floors – Polished Concrete

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    You can see beautiful concrete floors everywhere, in bars and restaurants, clubs to warehouses and even homes. They have become increasingly popular in modern home interiors because they’re not only trendy but incredibly practical and durable. Concrete creates a seamless finish and minimalist look and when matched with furnishings and decor made from natural materials, the effect can be stunning. The subtle colour variations in polished concrete are amazing.

    Polished concrete floors are cool in the summer and have remarkable low maintenance qualities as well as being quite soundproof.

    Today, a concrete floor can transform a room in ways limited only by your imagination. Advances in diamond grinding, polishing and colouring technology over the last 20 years makes polished concrete a cost effective, visually appealling, long term flooring solution.

     Polished concrete – The flooring of the future!

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